Knowledge can be heard on Serious Audio !

Who are we?

A platform of knowledge podcasts augmented by books and complemented by actions with education and environmental associations.

This project was in the works in 2005, SERIOUS AUDIO was born in 2018!

Our vision

In our opinion, the best key to freedom, life choices, harmony, a united society... is access to knowledge! We propose exploring the world around us and taking action, learning about the unknown, developing critical thinking and building "tomorrow". Our pillars: the past, the present and the future are history, experience sharing and science and foresight.

Our mission:

To make the pleasures and benefits of knowledge accessible to as many people as possible.

From knowledge to action, we suggest that you complement your podcast purchases with readings and donations to the associations of your choice. We suggest pre-selections of associations that share our values, in the fields of education or the environment.

Our experts

When it comes to participating in our podcasts, we're interested in personalities with strong positions and rich minds. From the outset, our contributors have been drawn from outside the traditional media, to infuse knowledge in a different way, accessible to the curious.

A team

Our team brings together audio enthusiasts who are curious about knowledge from a variety of backgrounds:

Europe 1, Radio France, MAS productions or Digital Learning, documentary dubbing, music editing and production; directors of audio formats, fiction and documentaries, award-winning composers, skills from top schools like Louis Lumière or self-taught.

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